Thursday, July 2, 2009


I just don't know what my problem is....I really have a thing for vampires! Not that I want to be with one or want to BE one, I just find them, I guess fascinating!

I was a late bloomer, sort of. I only found out about Buffy when I was in my 30's. I have someone in the family that lent me all the DVD's of all 7 seasons of Buffy and of course you have to watch the Angel series as well and she had all 5 seasons of Angel as well. So I watched them all....twice! I really got into the caracters and enjoyed certain story lines, others I did find stupid. Buffy is light and more adolescent and Angel is more dark. I am a real whimp when it comes to horror and certain things from Angel did scare me enough to have trouble sleeping. Maybe I should be ashamed to admit that...

I have also read books on vampires. I found Christopher Moore a funny read. Charlaine Harris' books are now a series on TV "True blood". The books are good! They changed the series a lot in my opinion but it is very good! I just finished her 4th book, I little on the long side. And I have just started to watch the second season of True Blood.

Of course you can not talk about vampires without mentionning the Stephenie Meyer books (the Twilight series). I am now half way through the 4th book and loving it. I loved the movie too and thought it was very much like the book! The special effects aren't that great but it is still good and hey Robert Pattinson is really not that hard to look at during 90 or so minutes!!

I don't know really where the fascination comes from but it is interesting. I have never been a comic book reader but feel very ashamed to admit to buying the 8th season of Buffy which is now only available in comic books...sad but true!

It's good for us to have a little way to get OUT and AWAY! Healthy! Right?!

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