Friday, July 17, 2009

The summer festival

The husband and I enjoy going to the summer festival out here. You pay 35$ for a pin that you have to wear to get you into the shows for 10 days.

We have seen Van Halen, Scorpions, ZZ top, Simple Plan, Styx, Twisted Sister, Live, Stone Temple Pilots and last night KISS!

Wow, what a show!! The best visual show I have ever seen. Seriously!!

Sure the costume are humerous to see. There were fireworks all throughout the show. Even the guitar player Tommy something or other made them come out the end of his guitar during his solo. The were enormous jets of fire coming out the scene too. Platforms of the stage going up and down. The group started up in the air on a platform that brought them down. Gene Simmons got hoisted up by cables to a platform for one song after his spitting out fake blood show. And then Paul Stanley grab a poll hooked up to a cable and swung over top of our heads to another platform to do a song and swung back and more fireworks and more fireworks.

They played for almost 2 1/2 hours!!! Very generous! I think the groups have a contract to do minimum 1 hr show and ZZ Top did their 1 hr show, barely said hello to us and no encore and took off. KISS was incredible and my husband was such a happy man!

There was a mom and dad with their 13 year old son beside us and poor guy could only look at the screen and couldn't see the stage and the husband offered with the father to have him on top of his shoulders and so they did for the last 1/2 hour. The husband then looks at the boy and says I was your age when I bought my first KISS album! From my big guy to a 13 year old boy! They both had the same amazed expression on their face from participating in this great show from 4 over 50 year old men with make-up and costumes and high heel boots on!!! Got to love it!!

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