Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Wow, it has finally happened...I got a dog! I still don't believe it and I am still asking myself if this is really what I wanted....but it has been on my mind for long enough! The husband has allergies but was willing for me to take care of it! He didn't want to come last night to see it. I brought the girls while the men stayed home and waited. I thought the dog would be a lot smaller. It is a mixture of schauzner and maltais but it must weigh around 40 lbs! He is around 10 months old and does not BARK and is very friendly and wants to be loved! The husbands first reactions to the dog: "he is huge! he stinks and where are his eyes!"...and "yup I should of come with you honey"...oh man! The sons first words " his nails are too long"... An hour later...the husband says " he will be great to bring to the cabin"! yeah Dooky has been accepted by the husband! The previous owners obviously never took this thing on a we will work on that. To me that is the pleasure of having a dog is taking him on walks. He sleeps in his cage and of course he wasnt silent for his first night in a new house so he howled a bit and finally I let out a good loud "HEY" from my bed and silence from then on until 6:45 am. So to me that is a good night! This morning all 3 kids just wanted to pet him, feed him, love him and walk him! I don't want poop on my yard so that will be important to watch out for and open doors and that Dooky takes off...the kids aren't always very good at closing doors... I watched Marley and Me this week with the kids and still decided to get the dog... The husbands last words last night...a dog with a name like Dooky is perfect for this family! me smiling! hey Dooky welcome to the family!