Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It is so essentiel to make time for yourself. Either time alone with only yourself present or time with your soul mate, best friend, lover and husband. And in my case they are all the same person.

The husband and I were given the chance to get away just the 2 of us by a very sweet sister-in-law. She stayed with the kids for 2 days so we could go to the cabin. Just to have the time to talk alone and appreciate eachother without being interrupted. Which is something that happens, oh lets just say all the time! I try to ignore the child that wants to talk to me while they repeat non-stop the "mom" word and keep talking to the husband or I put up a hand in the stop motion but usually this doesn't work either. The youngest sometimes has tried pushing me to look at him and I try to concentrate only on the husband to finish our conversation. Yes, we have tried locking ourselves in our room to try and discuss something important but you will get the knocking at the door and kicking and yelling through the door....aaaahhhhh!

The husband has a lot of difficulty trying to stay focused and will forget the goal and give in to the child! It is frustrating!

They (the kids) try to make us feel guilty for going away to the cabin without them! Oh please give me a break!

I am trying to put something new in our house into the husband alone before trying to talk something out in front of the kids. To discuss and make a decision alone with him and then present it to the kids so that they don't influence the decision. It works but I have to constantly remind myself to do it. Practise makes perfect, I hope!

So respect yourself as a couple and make that a priority! Time with eachother!

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