Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A typical morning in my house!

I will never say "who will get to sit in the front of the car this morning" again!
My 6 year old was a happy boy. I could hear him singing in bed this morning while I was taking 15 minutes to read my book, before getting out of bed. My time! After getting dressed and looking in on him he was still very happy!
After the husband got home from the night shift, he was still happy. So my routine starts, make the husband 2 peanut butter, banana and sugar toasts with a glass of milk. Go wake up the girls downstairs, urge son to come sit at the table. Put snacks for kids in their school bags. Call girls to come upstairs please, try again to get son to come to the table. Try to chat with husband about a couple of important things that you will forget to talk about at the end of the day while husband looks at paper and you are not sure is listening to you. Make your breakfast but wait for husband to finish paper so you can glance at it. Scream for girls to come upstairs NOW! Tell son to get his butt to the table NOW! Husband has now finished at the table and has gone to bed. The children finally come to the table and you try to get their breakfast orders done with the several changes and additions that are made while preparation is in progress. Get the second daughter to stop showing chewed up food in her mouth to the eldest daughter because she is easily disgusted and starts to scream and not eat anymore. Stop the son from moving the flower vase on the table everywhere so it won't fall down.
Now it is finally my time to sit at the table and try to eat and glance at paper and then I said it...So who will sit in the front of the car this morning? My son runs to his room to get dressed and be ready first and my second daughter who is very fast runs to get ready and the son starts to cry....the crying stopped 45 minutes later!
What have I learned from this morning?
I do way too much for my kids.
Kids that are ready for school can leave and walk to school.
Trying to show a snot filled screaming boy how to blow his nose is just not a good thing!
Trying to calm down the boy that is trying to blow his nose properly is not an easy thing!
It is stupid to think that the husband will get out of bed and come and help!
I am awesome for still coming to work this morning and being able to laugh and know I did my best!
Thank you for listening!

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  1. Hilarious! Multitasking at its finest!

    You are also awesome for starting this online therapy. Welcome to the blogging world!