Monday, June 15, 2009

My Dream

Wow, what a weird dream, but true in so many ways.

I was upset about my career choice and wanted to do something about it. I found myself in a school and looking at what people were doing there. Watching them and studying them. Then i talked to a couple of them about what they were studying and how they were enjoying it. I started to tell them about what i would like to do and they started to support me and say "Go for it!"

I then ran into one of my neighbors (she just finished taking some more courses, for real) and she was behind me 100%. She offered to come with me to register and pick out my courses.

I saw myself in line to get my books and stuff for my bachelors in singing! I felt myself being happy for finally having the courage to do this. then I woke up!

It just felt so real! I love singing and yes I do feel something big is lacking in my life, but going back to school.....ouf....even part-time to me would be a big OUF!

I will look into maybe joining a choir for the fall!

1 comment:

  1. Interesting....I've been having lots of dreams about going back to work or school. Perhaps it's this 40th year thing.