Thursday, June 11, 2009

My 10 year old tom-boy

She just turned 10, my eldest! Wow, I can see the difference. This was such a neat, calm and not-worrying-what they are doing birthday! She only invited 13 compared to 20 last year and only 9 (4 girls and 5 boys) could come, so yes, this helped to make it such a great party!
Everyone was told to bring their bathing suit (the pool was almost at 70), towels and water guns and skateboards. She just got hers! They ran around with their water guns and swam and then got dressed and did skateboarding and rollerblading in the driveway and loud music was a must! 5 hours later everyone went home. I didn't look at the time once!
I don't know the exact definition of a tom-boy. I will just go ahead and describe her and what she likes. She wont wear skirts (I got her to put one on one year at xmas cause mommy wore one too, see not my cup of tea either) and hates princesses. She is very interested in boys but because she prefers what they like to do. She is an awesome bionicle builder and is great with any lego. She was great this year on the basketball team. She hated it when the swimming instructor made her start to time her hair up with an elastic. And she always wears a baseball hat! She always has her nose in a book accept when it is for school!
Walking with her to school this morning she mentionned that their were a couple of new couples amongst her friends and she named them. So I asked her and what about you, and she replied no way. And I said what even if a boy asked you and she said no way. Which is fine by me...I'm just not ready for that, yet! 2nd girl though is the total opposite and put herself all pretty in pink (eyeshadow included) for the 10 year olds birthday party and I know it was because a couple of the guys attending are interesting to her not in the same way as the 10 year old tom-boy! I see so much of myself through my girls!
To each his/her own!

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