Monday, June 22, 2009

Report card day!

Yes it's THE DAY that you as a parent should look forward to?.....I don't know, I kind of get scared around that day as well.

The eldest daughter, can do well when she wants to. Last year, grade 3, she got a teacher that from the start of the year, decided that she had an attention deficit problem (to me the teacher just didn't like her) and so throughout the very loooonnng and hard year of pushing and motivating my child to get through it, she had an evaluation done by the school psychologist. The results being that no she does not have an attention disorder but can do anything when she is motivated and interested. The teacher actually said to me, "I just know that she could benefit from Ritalin, I've seen the benefits with other children". I looked at her and said even if the results told me she had an attention disorder, I would not have medicated my child.

So 1 year of this teacher would have been enough to me but....the school got smaller so they had a 3/4 class(my daughter being in the gr4 part, only 6 gr 4's) and yes the same teacher!!!!

Oh bloody Hell, was what I yelled out. This year I hired a social worker (an AWESOME social worker, worth every penny!) and we had an intervention plan done for my daughter at school with the principal, the teacher, the french tutor she sees at school. my social worker and the parents.

Well get this, the social worker decided that our daughter needs to have a bond with the teacher and instructed her to take 15 minutes in every week to talk with our daughter alone. I kid you not, that did it! Day and night! She was interested in school, we didn't do anymore studying for tests than before and her marks went way up....because she was listening during class, because she had an interest in the person teaching because that person took the time to listen to her.

This teacher is retiring now....I don't know what kind of teacher she will get next year but atleast there is a plan of action of how to deal with my daughter for things to work for her. The next teacher will be made aware of this at the beginning of the next school year.

So when it comes to report card day, the anxiety is there. And with reason, my daughter got fed up of the school year back in the beginning of May which sadly enough made all her efforts in french and math not show of this last report card. The teacher also was fed up back in the beginning of May and was no longer taking time to have their 15 minute sessions and got back into her old habit of being impatient with my daughter.

She did go up in art, english,gym and religion and ethics and yes she is going into grade 5!

By the way, I tell my daughter to come and look at her report card with me and her comment "only if you buy me a new DS game"...ha, yeah right!

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  1. Ha! Good luck with the teen years!

    Isn't it amazing how incredibly important a teacher is to a child's education? It's frustrating to no end when your child has a teacher who doesn't care anymore (or perhaps never did). Those teachers are few and far between, but when you find one, it's such a year of stress. My son had one in grade 2 and grade 4 and it was horrible. Particularly when the administration backs up the teacher 100%.