Friday, October 16, 2009

Moving time

So my mom is moving. She has lived in the same place for over 22 years now and decided at the age of 77 to sell her condo and move into a retirement home. Well there was one available for N November and she said yes. She put her condo up for sale and sold it 10 days later!!

My only sister whom lives far away chose to come out with her 10 month old and 3 year old to help with the move and also mourne in her own way moms move.

Everyday this week, after leaving the kids at school I have gone to moms and we have gone through stuff and taken boxes of things to the salvation army and thrown things out that mom has not been able to.

BUT...what amazed me was coming across a letter written by my father (died in 1985) in 1965 to his parents explaining his wedding to mom because his parents did not go cause they got married overseas. Every detail explained including how my mom took his breath away and a drawing of how the table were set up...dresses mom made my sister and I as kids,....carpets handmade by my mothers mother, whom I never many, many incredible things and memories.

We are having a great time helping mom empty things out and the good part about all this as my sister has mentionned is that we are doing it while mom is alive and healthy.

Precious moments!


  1. What a post. You had me crying at the letter from your dad. Precious moments indeed!

  2. Wow! What special moments you are able to share with your mom and your sister. That's incredible that your mom still has that letter after all these years. I'm glad you and your sister are able to be there for her. Cherish these moments together!