Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am an independant woman...or try to be!


This is my reaction after a co-worker/friend (someone I look up to and consider in a lot of ways, independant and strong), noticed my large bruise on my arm, knowing how I got it, she commented about sharing my story with her husband and told me his comments on how dangerous it was what I did and in his opinion it was a "bĂȘtise de femme", translation a woman's stupidity!!!!!

Back up a week was snowing pretty hard and I decided to change my tires by myself. Why?...Because I like doing things like this and it was slippery as hell and I was working the next day and no the garage up the street didn't have time to do it and waiting for the husband to get home from work at 7:30 pm would mean doing it in the dark! Which to me was stupider than doing it myself!

I have had to change a couple of flats myself...why?...yes I am a member of CAA, but waiting for them to show up just didn't make any sense to me! So I decided to try doing it myself! Was it hard?....yes it was exhaustingly hard but I did it....yes the car did roll off the jack and my arm happened to be in the wrong place and hence the BIG bruise on my arm. Yes it could have been a lot worse! But it wasn't. ...Did I enjoy the experience of changing tires? YES!! What have I learned? next time do it with the husband so he can show me how to do this properly!

It took my husband 3 days to "panic" about what happened....He had to change 2 of my tires that I had put on backwards...note to self: ARROWS drawn on the tire tell you which way to put them on! ..So after the frustrating job of taking off one winter tire and putting a summer tire back on temporarily to put down the car and put in back up and so on and so he was a little annoyed and realized how much energy I put into this and noticing how heavy a car is trying to jack it up and how dangerous that weight was to fall partially on my arm...I think that is when he SNAPPED!

"You are going to promise me never to do this again!" he screamed....I argued back, but honey, I like doing this and will learn, ...bla bla bla....
Husband: "you are so bull headed, nothing I say will make you change your mind, so end of discussion!"
Me: at first pissed for his reaction and thinking as if he likes a woman he just looks cute and has no head and does whatever the man tells her to do....then thinking, he got scared, very scared!!
Me: going to husband and calmly saying..."I'm really sorry honey for scaring you, I got scared too and will try to think of the dangers before doing things!"

yeah we hugged!

But to be told this morning that it was woman's stupidity, just insults me completely and especially coming from her, a woman I look up to and whom has changed a flat tire by herself before....just blows me away!

You never know what can happen...even being as safe as possible you can hurt yourself...I could fall down the stairs carrying a basket full of folded clothes....there wouldn't any comment about a stupid woman's mistake there....or how about cutting your finger with a knife making supper....that is woman's work....but cause I a Woman decided to change her tires....mans work...right I get it....and who is the stupid one?...This comment comes from a man that does all the cooking (almost all) in his house....yes it still annoys me!

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  1. I feel your anguish about this! For a man to say that is just ridiculous. Funny because I would be more apt to do these kind of things than Ron would. He would just say to take it in. I would say, I can do it. Just say to yourself...."I AM WOMAN AND I CAN DO ANYTHING!" Cudos to you for doing it yourself, sorry you got hurt though.