Friday, September 11, 2009


I find it interesting that just now, at this moment, trying to decide how to start this off, I firgured out why a couple of my children annoy me when they talk too much........because, of course, I CAN'T TALK, when they are!!!

I just took a moment to enjoy that....

My mom is a big talker too, but unlike her, I try not to cut people off that are talking about something they are going through to talk about myself and what I have been through. That annoys me so I try not to do that.

The husband of course would say, I often cut him off, but waiting a couple of minutes for him to come out with the next sentence gets very aggravating! He is an introvert and yes I am an extravert!

I love getting to know people and talk about common interests...and in some people I do see that kind-of-scary-please-stop-talking-to-me-look, but IT'S ALL GOOD!!

The thing that is hard to control is whom you pick to talk to about what...and remembering, whom is whom. Clear or not clear? ex: I try not to talk to my mother about problems with the kids cause she will worry and drive me crazy, phoning me everyday to find out if I have looked after the problem. another ex: I try to remember to not ask the hypochondriac neighbor in the street how she is doing? I need to explain this one.

As a parent, I find it important to get to know the parents of the friends my children play with. For instance, the fact that my son started to curse and scream at us and was not listening to us anymore, we knew it had to do with the fact that he was spending too much time with one friend that gets away being like that with his parents.

I had a friend/co-worker tell me recently that I take up a lot of space because I offer help and am willing to do all sorts of different jobs that have nothing to do with nursing but hate having nothing to do and sit back and watch other people over piled with work. She told me that this can be disturbing to certain people. So I try to shutup but it is just not natural to me. I have also been told by another person that loves me that it is sad that I have lost my spontaneity. She said i use to be more free with my speaking, just let it out as it comes to me, But being told to watch what you say makes you stop doing that. I don't want to hurt people but sometimes people need to hear things.


I do have a shy side which I hope balances me out and I enjoy silence, especially the kind that happens with the 3 kids around and they are having a rare moment of playing nicely together and getting along.

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  1. Very interesting. As an introvert, I'm always fascinated to hear how things are for extroverts.