Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday, I was at my son's soccer game. The last one of the season! He scored the first goal and they won 7 -1 and then the medals were handed out...a proud moment! But that is not what I want to write about...
So a very hot and humid day it was...of course I don't want to complain...we are just starting our 3 weeks vacation and finally it is nice here! Just a little too humid for my liking!

Oh what to wear, is the famous question....oh it's only soccer so who cares? right?!

I'm looking at all these mothers (a lot of them, with defects or nasty parts like me) and still wearing very nice summer dresses or plunging V-necks or short shorts or tight on the belly and the belly jiggles through it shirts...anyway, you get the picture I am sure and here I am in my very hot but 3/4 length work-out pants (to hide the very jello jiggle legs, that dont really hide anyway, cause you can still see the jiggle and cellulite through the pants)....

And made the decision to go get me some cute clothes to wear! So today I am going shopping! We shall see, how well I do! I am going alone without children or husband! Will I be confident enough to buy the plunging V shirt ?! that is the buying it I do mean wearing it as well, not just keeping it in the closet!

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  1. I love this. There's something about having some cute clothes that fit....makes you feel younger and better about yourself.

    Go get yourself fitted for a nice uplifting bra and then go buy that plunging V shirt. Show off a little. Your husband will love it too!