Friday, August 3, 2012


YEAH! It's summer!
We decided to not sign the kids up for daycamp this year! 1st time! The kids are now 13, 11 and 9. Last year, daycamp sucked....I just didn't feel safe and happy leaving my kids there! They hated it! The outtings were always the same every year and last year one of kids got hurt by another kid and nobody did anything. They never go that often either. So the husband and I made the decision to let them stay at home and look after eachother.
Ok, so there was the day when my son had bread and only bread ....9 pieces of bread to eat in his day...we discussed the food groups and better choices he can make. No biggy...and yes of course it is hard to keep an eye on all the screen time (ipod, tv, computer and other electronic thingy) they do in a day when you are at work....
But the worst...very worst is getting 3 phone calls in a row of :  ....sniff, sniff, cry,, the eldest just took of to walk the dog and she hid the spatula so now my , sniff sniff, cry cry, grilled cheese sandwich is what do I do mom?........
But in the long run, I still think we made the right decision! They will learn!

Did I mention that the husband was home today with the kids and I of course the "mom" still got the 3 calls at work!...oh and I also forgot to mention the 1 st call of my day was at 11am, the son calls me and tells me he has a sore tummy, so I say where is daddy, still sleeping(understand that the husband starts graveyard shift tonight, so he is still sleeping), so i say, where are your sisters, and he says , still sleeping, now I saw my son just as I was walking out the door this morning so I know he has been up for I clue in.....Have you eaten your breakfast mom....ok, you have a sore tummy because you are hungry.....

Got to love them!

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